The importance of professional Magento support in the UK

Magento’s success is underscored by an ecommerce system that has wider scope than any other online sales platform available on the market. Its global appeal and uptake are testament to its extensive functionality, clean simplified interface, multiple themes and plugins, scalability and intuitive merchant navigation. These factors all contribute to a digital sales platform that invites customer engagement and fast tracks the purchase process with no obstacles in the way. 

Its support mechanisms help the customer to easily navigate the sales funnel and implement multiple purchases speedily and precisely with a fully functional payment gateway to crown the payment phase of the purchase pathway. Considering that Magento 2 is capable of processing more than two million page views and two hundred and fifty thousand hourly orders, its support system has to be both efficient and dependable with no inherent system weaknesses or deficits. With a capacity that no other platform can match, Magento support has to be almost intuitive with an immediate responsive solution to any potential issue encountered by a customer. 

Why Magento support is vital

Support is a vital area of any online sales solution which can make or break a digital platform’s success. Covering a broad swathe of a website’s operational capacity and effectiveness as a digital sales tool it is a vital cog in Magento’s infrastructural architecture which can process users’ requests efficiently and productively. It ensures that the customer purchase journey is simplified, fast and effective from inception to conclusion. As an open source platform, there is always  a global network of expert support and peer help at hand. Magento customers expect responsive website support with regular maintenance both during and out of office hours - after all their livelihoods depend on a professional robust ecommerce system that works 24/7/365. The wonderful reality is that Magento support with certified Magento professionals is available 24/7 to ensure online business continuity with no downtime. 

Magento support that understand

Magento support teams understand the impact of any disruption to customer transactions and take every precaution and remedial action when required, to mitigate any potential downtime. This support service is an insurance policy that protects you from having to worry about the machinations of your website so you can concentrate on running your business. Partnered with some of the largest global Companies, Magento is well equipped to support every aspect of your online needs. Fixing and maintaining websites can include the following elements: Magento security patch installation; Magento version upgrade; website migration to a different hosting provider; new feature creation; installing and configuring extensions; integrating with third parties; conversion rate optimisation; increasing website load time; initiating Google page speed improvements; and cross device corruption fixes. 

Magento Support can also extend to complex payment portal developments which is an essential factor in smoothing and speeding up the final phase of the customer purchase pathway. This has particular relevance to Companies who are processing large numbers of daily transactions and need an intuitively fast and responsive payment portal. 

Whether you have a Magento 1 application or have progressed to a Magento 2 solution, support remains a critical factor in your ongoing online success. Rycoweb, with our long experience of working with Magento systems, are ideally positioned to provide you with advice on the most effective best supported hosting solution. We can provide you with that software to ensure your ecommerce business runs smoothly and profitably with no downtime or loss of investment. Magento 2 developments include improvement in core caching and support which is consequential to their partnering with Varnish. Countless other support improvements derive from various changes such as database separation to promote smoother processing of increased customer requests as the business develops and grows. Better shopping cart management with more product skus enables improved customer capacity to order more than three hundred line products. Faster and more efficient migration is activated through Netstarter Stack providing an insurance against any downtime or unmitigated disaster. 

`Consult Ryco Web about support packages to ensure website operational proficiency and to protect, invigorate and future-proof your Magento ecommerce platform against potential calamities going forward.

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