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Magento SEO is a multifaceted complex science that is constantly changing in line with Google algorithmic developments and updates. It is governed by over 200 algorithmic determinants.  Knowing the rules is not necessarily the gateway to successful SEO. Due to the evolving nature of those rules you have to be constantly aware of what is happening on a week to week basis. This leaves no room for complacency in a science that is continually adapting to those changes and which dictates the nature of any strategies you may adopt for SEO campaigns designed to achieve top rankings in the SERPs.


The whole intent of the Search Engines is to improve the quality of search results for the benefit of online users whose goal is to find what they are searching for as quickly and easily as possible. Google is continually striving to help users achieve those relevant results in as short a time frame as possible, which means that the process of achieving top rankings is totally dependent on adhering strictly to Search Engine ranking factors that are continually in flux. SEO is undertaken in line with these signals to ensure that the SEO process is compliant and effective.


There are a number of SEO trends that are currently prominent and are worth implementing to improve your Search Engine rankings. We can draw your attention to changes you can make to your website to make your SEO campaigns more relevant and your website more visible and effective in achieving top rankings in the SERPs. You need to give the search spiders what they are programmed to look for - signals that confirm your credibility and authority as an online service provider. This is what enables you to achieve those top coveted positions. By appearing on page one and as close to the page top as possible, you increase your awareness as an authoritative online services offering and create an effective platform to maximise online sales. Reacting to these trends and implementing the requisite changes will ensure you remain ahead of the game.


One of the first things you notice, over the recent past, is how Google SERP has transformed from “the ten blue links” to a jamboree like presentation. Whilst organic ranking continues to loom large and remains the most effective way to garner maximum traffic, other SERP features such as local SEO, and the local pack specifically, are becoming more visible with the proliferation of mobile devices, particularly smart phones. The local pack which  provides the top three local results for your search query on a map, are gaining traction. Its premium position, appearing first on the SERP before the organic listings, is what users see first in the rankings. To improve results and provide more detailed answers relevant to your location, Google introduced Local Teaser which sits just before the pack. You can get help with these local SEO features by contacting Blue Corona Measurable Marketing Solutions. The main goal is to maximise the local pack and there are some tools to help you get there, for example : increases in organic traffic, locality focused content, unique meta tags and meta descriptions for individual products and service area, NAP inclusion consistently across every listing, authentic reviews marked up with schema, directory listings of good standing, mobile responsive web design and authority building techniques. Local SEO like the mainstream science is a complex discipline whose parts keep changing, demanding constant monitoring and instant reaction to new developments. Evolving SERP features should be monitored. Rankings within the features that show for your key words, and may represent potential traffic stealers, should be tracked. There is a powerful SEO Power Suite tracker tool named “Rank Tracker” that will track 15 Google SERP features as well as organic results. The data readout will highlight all the features triggered by your keywords with those you rank coloured in green. A key metric of Rank Tracker is your ability to track and measure daily the fluctuation in SERP features under the SERP analysis tab. This data empowers you to make value judgements through analysis of the SERP opportunities offered by their features.


An ever important area that requires evolutionary agility is structured data. This is a way of formatting HTML that uses a specific vocabulary which informs search engines on how to interpret content and display it in the SERPs. An example of this is deploying rich snippets as opposed to regular ones. The former is much preferred by the Bots as it is very informative in describing a product and its features more comprehensively in answer to a search query. This is what attracts more clicks and customer engagement. Though not officially confirmed as a ranking signal, it can indirectly boost click through rates by 30 per cent. Take care not to ignore this opportunity and ensure you adopt a structured data format. You can begin with which is a dependable tool and is used by many SEOs. Once the markup is implemented you can see if rich snippets appear for your site with the above mentioned “Rank Tracker”.


A huge ranking signal is site load speed, which as a major UX factor impacts rankings. The topical question is how fast should your site be? The wishful default setting is instant but this does not equate to reality. A reality check suggests loading within three seconds. The challenge is how to achieve optimum load times. Internet users expect almost immediate download and any abnormal delays will intuitively drive them elsewhere. That is a sure way to lose potential online business. The first remedial action is to take Google’s page speed test. It is a simple process where you launch Website Auditor in its free version and create a project. Move to Content Analysis and pinpoint the page you want to test. In the left hand column you will see a list of onpage factors calculated for you. Click on Technical Factors and scroll to page speed. It will provide page speed information and advice on how to resolve the issues.


A major SERP feature is the importance Google attaches to great content. Google needs to be convinced of the quality and relevance of your content to reward it in the rankings. It has its own algorithm in defining what comprehensive content is and you need to be aware of its demands so you can comply and benefit from the Spider’s recognition and reward system. To understand what rich content is, use Rank Brain to see Google’s analysis of the best performing search results. Google’s user satisfaction metrics will indicate shared features in top results, certain words, phrases or terms that may become query-specific ranking signals for given search terms. You can make adjustments accordingly in your search terms to best effect. You can also acquire a list of relevant terms and phrases in the Content Analysis section of the Website Auditor tool. They are sorted by all the competitors who deploy them. Subsequently you can make the recommended changes and implement the desired page edits in Website Auditor’s Content Editor. The adage “Content is King” continues to be very applicable and must have complete compliance with the algorithm for Bot rewards in SERP rankings to become a reality.


A growing trend is the usurping of type search by voice search. This phenomenon is becoming a reality with Google reports indicating that 55% of teens and 40% of adults use voice search on a daily basis. Google experts claim that the ratio of voice search is growing faster than type search one of the fastest evolving features since the inception of the internet. This presents a whole new keyword research demand as conversational search is completely different from typed query language. Rank Tracker is an excellent tool in helping you to learn questions that voice searchers are likely to ask. Mobile SEO has become a big factor with the growth of voice search on mobile devices. As mobile first indexing is being rolled out by Google it is essential to recognise that mobile friendliness ranks highly as a SERP ranking signal. It is therefore incumbent on you to ensure your web pages are mobile friendly and responsive. You can check your pages mobile friendliness in Website Auditor under Content Analysis. For corrective action you can click on the problematic factors for how-to-fix advice. Your development team can implement the necessary fixes which can be tested with a test re-run.


As a long trusted signal for search engines, links were a large element of SEOs optimising strategies but with changing times linkless mentions may be evolving into offpage signals of equal weight. To find mentions of your brand you can use a backlink checker or web monitoring tool. Awario is a competent app for this and their Reach metric indicates the most authoritative mentions first.


Personalised search results are done in multiple ways. In 2011 over 5% of Google searches

were being personalised and that figure has probably increased since then. Do not get hung up on this but ensure your rank tracking is accurate. SEO Power Suite is an effective tool to monitor and provide help with all aspects of SEO and will explain how Google personalises its results.


We hope that these SEO trend pointers will provide food for thought and offer some guidance in site adaptations to accommodate more effective SEO strategies and improved ranking in SERPs.

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