The importance of professional Magento support in the UK

Magento’s success is underscored by an ecommerce system that has wider scope than any other online sales platform available on the market. Its global appeal and uptake are testament to its extensive functionality, clean simplified interface, multiple themes and plugins, scalability and intuitive merchant navigation. These factors all contribute to a digital sales platform that … Read more

The benefits of Magento 2

The Magento 2 platform is creating a very positive buzz among merchants and customers alike with the many benefits it brings to online businesses. Its global dominance as the most popular ecommerce system is testament to its technical and digital prowess and its profitability as an efficient money making sales machine. This brand new platform … Read more

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The importance of professional UK Magento Hosting

You have the best Magento ecommerce platform for performance and scalability, optimised to effect maximum return on investment, with a practically limitless capability to upscale and grow your business exponentially. Rycoweb is very aware of the imperative to match the system  with a professional Hosting service that has the ability to deal efficiently with multiple … Read more

What does Magento 2 offer Merchants and Customers?

Extensive positive feedback from Merchants and Customers validates the many benefits attributed to the Magento 2 platform. A vox pop analysis provides a ringing endorsement of Magento 2’s superior features as the global number one ecommerce platform. The new solution provides a plethora of improvements on the previous model in the context of download speed, … Read more

Latest SEO Tools & Trends 2019

Current Dominant SEO Trends   Magento SEO is a multifaceted complex science that is constantly changing in line with Google algorithmic developments and updates. It is governed by over 200 algorithmic determinants.  Knowing the rules is not necessarily the gateway to successful SEO. Due to the evolving nature of those rules you have to be … Read more

Magento Ecommerce D2C Modelling – is it the holy grail of higher market share, sales and margins?

  In recent times technological advances and the dawn of the internet have increased the opportunity for direct marketing modelling in ways unimagined previously. With nearly 97% of consumers using online media channels to research and procure products, before activating a purchase train, many manufacturers and suppliers are adopting a direct to consumer marketing and … Read more

Some tips for Magento 2 Conversion Rate Optimisation

If you want to improve your Magento website’s conversion rate, you have to take risks at least calculated risks or engage an educated hypothesis to make onsite changes that will impact favourably on conversion rates, providing new leads or sales. The changes we suggest are predicated upon their proven effectiveness in growing conversions. There is … Read more

Magento Web Design – What Is It?

This is a question without a single answer as it encapsulates many skilled and specialist areas of input. The web aspect is probably well known by everyone but the Magento web design part could elicit twenty different answers if twenty people were asked to define design.

The electronic dictionary gives seventeen different explanations for Magento design and beyond these definitions there are also different terms used by design teams working on Magento web pages. They individually all specialise in specific areas of the design, so the Web Designer who is a jack of all trades has become outdated and would only be a cog in the wheel of large Web Design Companies, who require many skills to complete a design.

In reality there are certain areas of a Magento website that can be designed such as the User Interface. This includes features like the navigation which dictates how quickly and smoothly a user can move along the different site paths and information architecture to create site structure and classification. This element involves developing the intellectual perception of the website structure and how users view the website.

Other vital elements are the visual aspect of a Magento website, where image and user feel for the site create a particular impression. This area of design includes graphics, layout, colour and styles and is governed by the elements and principles of design. Another important area of design is the structure of the site and how it is built. This incorporates the Magento coders or programmers marrying the visual elements, layout and user interface with the coding languages such as CSS, Java Script, HTML, PHP and C+. This process puts flesh on the skeleton and is basically the operations platform for activating the other design areas.

We now talk in terms of web design teams as it involves different types of designers who do different things. They are comprised of graphic designers or artists, information architects, electronic marketing professionals, user interface technologists and language coders. We can appreciate then that website design covers a collection of specialist skilled areas and that large projects in particular require a team approach as opposed to the nominal lone Magento web designer.

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Magento and Cascading Style Sheets – What Are They?

CSS has been around for years. They are used for document design as a technical means of ensuring that the designs of Print Designers are printed precisely to specification. In relation to web design, cascading style sheets

serve the same purpose with the additional functionality of instructing the web browser how to read the document being looked at. The cascade in website sheets is the vital component as it guides the web style sheets to where it wants them to go. These sheets are a default setting that the web browser uses to display a page if no further specific instructions are embedded. The browser needs to know which instructions supersede preferentially.

CSS can also be used to define how XML including XHTML mark up, appears in your Magento 2 web store. You can also use print style sheets to dictate the print format of the web page and other style sheets can be used to show the web page for a slide show or on a projector.

Professionally written style sheets can be updated to quickly permit adjustments to what you want to prioritise without having to change the underpinning XHTML.

Learning and implementing CSS is a valuable asset to any designer as it increases the options to do more with a website. It is worthwhile foregoing the difficulty in learning CSS as the results are quite phenomenal.

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Your Back Button – Positive Or Negative Impact On A Magento Store?

It is probably one of the most used and conspicuous buttons on a web page. It is an automatic route to the previous page viewed and very often overlooked by web designers in terms of its importance.

 They build back links into the pages they are designing and without integrated logic that pinpoints where the client has come from these links are a waste of time. You don’t know the route the customer navigated through your website. Web surfers invariably scan or skim a web page without looking too closely at it. If something interesting or eye catching does not grab their attention they instinctively hit the back button and return to their previous point of reference.

Magento Web Designers can unknowingly impact either positively or negatively on this process. They may consciously leave out the back button or hide it in a less conspicuous place to deter the surfer from leaving. Some designers even enable sites to open in a window without controls in an effort to prevent the surfer from leaving, but this can be frustrating and irritating for the user as it makes the site less user friendly. If customers feel hemmed in or in a cul de sac they will simply leave and not return. The clear message from this scenario is not to hide or dispense with the back button. If your web pages are visually attractive and textually interesting and compelling the user will not even consider the back button – but will stay on the page. You must remember that the back button facility is essential and you can use its positioning on the page to your advantage by placing your click-able logo close by. If other text elements at the top of the page are also click able, users can find somewhere useful on your site to visit should they mistakenly click on the wrong button as the back button. A ploy to encourage your customers to linger longer on your site is to provide details on how to search on the pages when they arrive from a search engine. The method in the madness is to ensure that the presence of the back button has a positive impact on your customers and your web pages will decide that issue depending on their visual and textual attraction.

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