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Usability is a buzz word in the world of desk top and mobile devices that assumes an even greater significance than ever before. We recognise that usability has been suffixed by the word ‘science’ such is the importance

bestowed upon the effectiveness of human computer interaction. Usability defines how well and how efficiently a user can manipulate web design and layout to achieve a desired objection. Experts in the field now insist that good usability is a prerequisite for apps and Magento websites. and mobile websites more so than the conventional desk top experience. They assert that usability is important for everything but becomes indispensable for low commitment experiences. The obvious example is the option of mobile site users to move elsewhere quickly without consideration if usability lets them down. The choice is there for them to move elsewhere if the usability is poor or unresponsive. By comparison, we will take the time to learn how to operate other appliance interfaces such as TVs once they are purchased and installed. As regards apps. the user commitment is a little more pronounced as they select and download. However, in many cases users have apps. they had downloaded but rarely if ever use, either through forgetfulness about downloading them at all or sheer disinterest. Excellent usability is the key to overcoming any such problems. Not only do apps. users have a lack of commitment but because they are accessing many possible different applications they may not be necessarily focused on the Internet, it can be a secondary activity. In a straight debate between apps. and site it appears that the former comes out on top due to its faster speed and advantageous considerations such as the location feature.

Some common mistakes made when building sites and applications involve difficulty in touching and manipulation. The simple remedy for this problem is to use larger touch targets. Progressive disclosure is preferable to build an experience as opposed to attempting to put every option up front. More screens are desirable if each is focused and simple. Unlike the site, apps. content should be as short as possible not forcing the user to remember a plethora of information from page to page. The rule of thumb with usability and apps. is to make your brand stand out with excellent usability. The advice from the experts is to deploy usability testing prior to launch and do not activate naff comments in the app. store. You must remember that user experience is equivalent to brand promotion in the interactive world. This is all food for thought when analysing the usability pros and cons of apps. over website.

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