Some tips for Magento 2 Conversion Rate Optimisation

If you want to improve your Magento website’s conversion rate, you have to take risks at least calculated risks or engage an educated hypothesis to make onsite changes that will impact favourably on conversion rates, providing new leads or sales. The changes we suggest are predicated upon their proven effectiveness in growing conversions. There is always a risk involved in exploring new fields or territories but calculated onsite change implementation can be justified based on past success. The best insurance policy when introducing those changes to your website is to track them in your A/B testing software to view how it is impacting your online audience.

There is an abundance of best practices for conversion rate optimisation that you can tap into and test to optimise your online sales, leads and return on investment. The best advice is to grasp the metaphorical nettle firmly and introduce the necessary onsite changes that will increase customer engagement and achieve greater online sales of your products or services. One of the first actions should be to reduce unnecessary form fields. Some companies have managed to reduce redundant fields by up to 50% and benefit from a 160% increase in conversions. Another component for improving conversions is adopting the most effective colour for CTA buttons. It is often an instance of using a contrasting colour that stands out prominently against the background colour of your webpage. Where increased conversion rates were attributed to this change it was understood that it was the better contrast rather than the actual colour of choice that contributed to improved conversion rates. This highlights the necessity for clearly visible calls to action at every stage of the purchase journey so potential online customers are not distracted or diverted from the sales funnel.

Some conversion experts advise disposing of automatic sliders as they reduce conversions. A static offer provides a more profitable alternative, especially when image carousels are criticised for creating banner blindness and other negative effects. There are replacement alternatives for image carousels that you can implement. Your website should always reflect credibility and that can mean getting rid of cheesy stock photos that compromise your site’s objectives. Over fussy websites are not always conducive to conversions and very often compromise SEO strategies. By adhering strictly to Google’s algorithmic guidelines you can steer your website towards better rankings in SERPS and greater customer engagement. Implementing SEO campaigns in concurrence with these algorithms will provide the online awareness that is rewarded with increased customer uptake and sales conversions. It is helpful to have a human presence in terms of director or employee photographs as customer feedback metrics suggests that potential customers relate better to your offering and are more willing to do business with you. The reality is they like dealing with humans as opposed to robotic websites where there is no vestige of interaction on a human level at any stage of the purchase process. So it is advisable to make your site as human as possible.

In the same vein, all calls to action should highlight the ensuing benefit, and that can be influenced by semantics, based on the A/B testing findings of the conversion experts. For example they suggest next step instructions such as Create My Account or Get Started  as more effective than submit or sign up and give customers a better feeling about taking the next step in the conversion process. Online companies have found in general that moving their pricing call-to-actions above the fold boosted their conversions with increased click-through rates of 41%. More online businesses are adopting instructional videos, especially if their offering is complicated and they are finding it contributes to a huge increase in conversion rates, as did having clear Headlines on landing pages. Carefully selected semantics can create a more attractive headline that will lead to greater customer engagement and sign-ups, so take a long look at this aspect of your presentation and ensure you provide the most effective options. Something that can boost your customer uptake is incentivising them through creating a sense of urgency with time limited offers and providing next working day delivery - if they order right away!

Displaying your phone number clearly in large font is often an overlooked element in the next step purchasing process and is an essential component in your website’s efficiency as a sales tool. It instils confidence in the purchase journey and reassures the potential customer that there is a human help line to smooth out any difficulties along the automated sales conversion pathway. A simple yet effective change that can boost conversions is to change your CTA link into a Button so they are easy to spot on the page. Never miss the opportunity to use the word FREE as it has a far reaching impact on conversions - according to conversion experts in the field. Another tip is to highlight the added value of your offer by including pertinent questions that can be answered to underscore the assets of your offer. By outlining all its benefits you can attract increased conversions into leads or sales.

It is beneficial to provide real testimonials in the form of customer videos that extol the value and virtues of your online offering. On the subject of value, give your customers a value proposition that sets you apart from your competitors and gives you that all important edge over them. Experts advise that you should have a beneficial value proposition for all your marketing channels and not just your website. You can introduce additional marketing machinations such as adding Trust Badges through, for example availing of any great reviews your business enjoys on Trust Pilot. You can contact them to add a Trust Pilot widget to your website. Some Companies have claimed that this achieved a 58% lift in their online sales. You can also improve conversion rate optimisation by adding live chat , security seals and relevant images. Text needs images to break the monotony and inject further interest and customer engagement into the online sales process.

We hope that these tips will provide you with food for thought as an introduction to optimising your conversion rates. If you need any Magento Support please contact us.


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