The benefits of Magento 2

The Magento 2 platform is creating a very positive buzz among merchants and customers alike with the many benefits it brings to online businesses. Its global dominance as the most popular ecommerce system is testament to its technical and digital prowess and its profitability as an efficient money making sales machine. This brand new platform provides a host of improvements on the previous system in the context of operational speed, navigation, shopping cart logistics, use and organisation of data and server attributes that improve the system’s functionality both for merchants and customers.The most amazing development is the platform’s increased scalability which offers a seemingly limitless ceiling to business growth and is a major factor in large global Companies such as Coca Cola, Burger King, Christian Louboutin and Zumum - to name a few - having bought into Magento.


Magento 2 has created an environment that is conducive to optimal business growth and allows Companies to develop and grow on their platform with limitless scalability. This provides Companies with an assurance that the platform can accommodate scalable growth, future proofing their sales expansion potential going forward. The newly re-platformed system is twenty percent faster than the previous model with its scalability optimised through a new architecture. For merchants there are no impediments in terms of business growth. The system is  able to process thousands of product orders simultaneously. Its compatibility with software in integrating with many core business elements means it is a one stop shop for all merchants’ requirements. As a full remodelling upscale of the old system, Magento 2 combines excellent performance with unfettered potential for business growth. It is capable of processing more than two million page views and two hundred and fifty thousand hourly orders - that is partly why large international Companies endorse it unreservedly. It has a capacity that no other ecommerce system or platform can match.


The platform is constructed on years of open source experience and is built around an expert knowledge chain that enables improvement in management and performance with a more powerful yet simplified interface. A much improved support system offers better features and attributes and facilitates more intuitive merchant navigation. New features increase system effectiveness and cover vital server side elements. Major improvements in core caching and support are directly ascribable to Magento’s partnership with Varnish. Magento now has a more efficient process for resolving caching problems. With the optimisation of catalogue rendering and the concurrent enabling of menu options - while remaining on the server - a more functional platform benefits both the merchant and the customer. Magento 2 allows the merchant to divide and separate databases to facilitate the smooth implementation of more requests as the business grows. A split server is a much more facilitative than a single server with one database - something which can disrupt and slow down maximum sales and general trading.

Multi-Channel Magento 2 benefits

Another commendable feature of Magento 2 is its provision of multi channel database support for product and merchandise, management of orders and product sales checkout. Merchants are afforded the capacity to upscale the number of individual SKUs implemented on any one website. Magento 2 sees an introduction of responsive design, in keeping with their overall offering. It is now available through their Admin which now operates on mobile. Adaptive changes on the Server side now enables faster product creation with rich content achieving quicker propagation from the database. This is an attribute that Magento always had but now increases its responsiveness when incorporating with YouTube and Vimeo. Other improved features include the import/export element  which Magento 2 makes easier to manage with better functionality. The platform can now import over one hundred thousand records in twenty minutes and export the exact amount in six minutes.


There are feature changes that benefit the customer such as : a search tool named elastic- search that indexes information for merchants in response to customer queries and provides the faster facility of adding many products to the shopping cart. Magento 2 developers and Magento 2 platforms gives the merchant the capacity to process a shopping cart with more than three hundred line products and supports thirty three languages with some syntax provision. Thanks to a much improved CMS, its page builder module hosted by Barefoot provides searches in Admin with its direct integration into Magento. Migration can be a major headache whoever the Host Server but Netstarter Stack provides an insurance policy against disruption or downtime with eight excellent modules that prevent such potential disaster.


Magento 2 does, indisputably, benefit both merchant and customer by providing a superior efficient ecommerce platform that combines limitless business growth with unwavering optimal performance.

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