The Value Of Links to your Magento Ecommerce Website

We all appreciate that links are indispensable but if they do not bring us to a page with a title similar to the link text then the users expectations are dashed. If there is a lack of similarity then the user has to perform mental

gymnastics to assess exactly where the connection lies. In light of the fact that web users make instantaneous judgements about websites, they are more than likely to be negative if navigational pathways are not efficient. A user will quickly hit the Back Button in this instance and abandon your site, if they think the page does not have what they were looking for. The semantics are not fundamentally the problem for the user rather than time delay. When we go onto a site initially, we scan rather than read the web content. Links are easily canned as the text around it is usually a different colour. As the mouse moves across them it changes. The links are also usually underlined and in larger or bold font with different colour backgrounds and are easily scanned for. If they do not appear in a recognisable fashion on the link page, then the reader will definitely abandon the site and speedily go elsewhere.

Every time you don’t link with the page title you are breaking faith with your users and the consequence of loss of trust is website abandonment. Talk to one of our Magento SEO Agency engineers.

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