What does Magento 2 offer Merchants and Customers?

Extensive positive feedback from Merchants and Customers validates the many benefits attributed to the Magento 2 platform. A vox pop analysis provides a ringing endorsement of Magento 2’s superior features as the global number one ecommerce platform. The new solution provides a plethora of improvements on the previous model in the context of download speed, merchant and customer navigation, shopping cart attributes, data manipulation, storage and retrieval, server side features and corresponding client side features. The system is scalable beyond normal requirements and some of the largest businesses in the world have yet to scale its virtually unlimited potential.


Magento 2 has disposed of previous barriers to growth, creating an environment that allows expansion through more products being accessible to an ever increasing consumer base. In terms of speed, the new platform is 20% quicker than the previous model, according to a merchant/customer consensus. The system’s brand new architecture improves scalability, allowing merchants to upscale their business to levels that have no glass ceiling or obstacles to expansive growth. This element really excites online Companies with ambitions to grow their business exponentially and future proofs the potential of a business to expand their sales volume and outreach with virtually no limits. Magento 2 provides the capability of retaining top performance while enabling unfettered business growth. The fact that it is a complete re-platforming and not just an upgrade, enables it to process in excess of 2 million page views and 250,000 orders per hour. This redefines the unlimited scalability of the platform for merchants.

Magento 2 built on years of experience

Built on years of open source experience and expert knowledge, this system improves on performance and management, providing an intuitive and friendly interface and a support system that manages the attributes and features and streamlines merchant navigation. From the server side, Magento 2 has introduced features to improve efficiencies. Catalogue rendering has been optimised while enabling menu options without leaving the server - all thanks to improved core caching and a better supported and improved caching problem-solving process. These developments are attributable to Magento 2’s partnership with Varnish. With business growth, Magento 2 enables the Merchant to segregate databases so more requests can be streamlined. A split server is more efficient than one database on a single server where trading and optimum sales can have a slowing effect on each other.


Magento 2 provides multiple channels for database support for products, order management and product sales checkout. Merchants are gifted the ability to increase the number of individual SKUs supported by any one website. Another improvement is the introduction of responsive design in line with their overall package, making it available via their Admin, which now works on mobile. Due to server side changes product creation has been speeded up with rich content producing faster generation from the database. Magento always possessed this feature but makes it more responsive when integrating with YouTube and Vimeo. There are definite import export improvements in Magento 2 providing easier management and better functionality. Digitally it can import 100,000 records in 20 minutes and export the same number in 6 minutes.


Client side Features changes include : elastic search - a search tool that indexes information required by merchants to provide data quickly against any customer query and faster addition of multiple products to the shopping cart. Merchants now have the capability of processing a shopping cart  with over 300 line items. It supports 33 languages with the inclusion of the support of synonyms and stop words. The platform also provides updated CMS with Bluefoot hosting its page builder module, enabling more streamlined searches in Admin with its direct integration into Magento. When it comes to migration issues, Netstarter Stack, which covers you for all the extensions you do not have, provides 8 absolutely necessary modules to mitigate any potential business downtime or disturbance.


Clearly, Magento 2 offers a comprehensive platform that enables merchants to grow their online business in an environment that offers unlimited growth potential and provides customers with an intuitive system that is fast and effective in providing them with exactly what they request. If you would like to chat with our Magento Developers please do not hesitate to contact us.

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